Live Online HSC Tutoring & UCAT Preparation


ACE HSC provides a uniquely agile top-quality tutoring system that keeps ambitious students on track for HSC and UCAT preparation. Our students are typically self-directed high achievers who want to master their work, and we continually create ways to support this. Wherever students are located, come rain or shine, they have a reliable place to learn, grow, and succeed at ACE HSE specialist tutoring. 


The core of our model of excellence is our evidence-based ‘Learn, Apply, Revise’ format.

Live online Theory class where the tutor teachers a new topic each week.

Live Problem-Based Class (PBC) where the tutor provides activities like quizzes.

Live Tutorial where students clarify their understanding of this week and last week's content with the tutor, and prepare for future assignments.

Lesson format. The format of our live online HSC tutoring classes is exactly the same as our sought-after traditional in-person onsite classes: Learn, Apply, Revise. Each program covers a whole school year, and is billed by the term. Each term is eight weeks long.

Lesson support. Live Online Classes are supplemented by a full set of resources including eight printed Student Workbooks (one per week), and links to pre-recorded Lesson Videos. Our online learning portal also provides a 24×7 student messaging board for students to post questions to tutors and get them answered, or engage fellow students in discussions.

Tutored subjects. Subjects offered are HSC Chemistry, Physics, Extension 1 Mathematics, and Economics, plus UCAT Preparation. 

Streams offered. Our HSC and Year 11 classes come in two streams (Standard and Accelerated; Accelerated programs in Year 11 and Year 12 start a term earlier than the regular school term). We offer a single stream each for UCAT and Year 10 Mathematics tutoring.  

Where to attend. Once registered, students can choose from our Parramatta, Epping, or Online campuses where they attend weekly lessons. (see our timetable).  


The key benefits of receiving live ACE HSC tutoring with an optional online campus: 

Learn from HSC superstars – Smart students learn from smart tutors! Our tutors are HSC star performers with an average ATAR of 99.9.

High student engagement – Small classroom sizes (typically 4 to 6 students per class online and 12 to 20 students per class onsite) means students get more opportunities to chat directly with their subject tutor, ask questions, check their learning retention, enjoy learning alongside peers, and more.

Flexible and self-paced learning – Our comprehensive offering of in-person and live online tuition, audio-visual resources, live and 24×7 messaging, printed workbooks, high tutor and student interaction, and timetable options means students receive the best support for excellent learning outcomes.

High parent satisfaction – Parents get peace of mind that their children receive reliably scheduled and structured tutoring sessions with minimal interruption.

Access to quality specialists – Location is no longer an obstacle to learning from the best, for HSC students in remote or country regions and UCAT aspirants outside NSW.

Evidence-based content structure – Same proven ‘Learn, Apply, Revise’ model used in both our onsite and online tutoring classes.


The top quality yet flexible tutoring we provide comes from the synergy of great tutors and great technology. 


1 online class per week, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday evening from 6pm. Online Prelim classes are 90 minutes long, and Online HSC and UCAT classes are 2 hours long. For details, please go to our timetable page, and tick ‘Online’ under ‘Campus’ to generate a list of available online cohorts, subjects, days, and tutors. Scroll down to see Class Times.

Students can definitely start the enrolment process by filling in our online form, and then get parents or guardians to complete it by providing payment.

No, you get a soft copy for two weeks, so that you can examine the content. You will receive a full set of printed workbooks after settling the invoice for the term for that subject. 

When a student enrols, they get access to both online and onsite tutoring at no extra cost. So, yes, the student may choose to attend only online tutoring, especially when it is difficult for them to travel to an ACE HSC tutoring centre.

If I am an existing student who is tutored in person at an ACE HSC campus, do I need to pay extra for online tutoring? 

A typical student laptop or desktop computer with reliable Internet connection will suffice for the student to have a smooth and successful live online tutoring session. If your Internet connection is unreliable, you may like to move your computer closer to the Wi-Fi router, use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, restart your router or, if all else fails, get technical support from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  

Your ACE HSC online tutoring portal works best on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. We require browser components like Flash for media recording, streaming, viewing, and uploading; Java plug-in for some other features to work, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to view documents.