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The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a key part of the admission process for students interested in studying medicine and dentistry. Effectively preparing for the UCAT differs significantly from your HSC studies. Rather than testing learned knowledge, the UCAT seeks to challenge a student’s problem solving skills and critical thinking ability under pressure. ACE’s UCAT Preparation Course is built and delivered by our team of high performing medical students and doctors, who are by far the best qualified to help you prepare for a future in medicine!

The ACE UCAT PReparation course

More than just exam practice!

At ACE, given all of our tutors are Medicine students themselves, we take an all inclusive approach to getting our students prepared for a future in Medicine. Alongside our regular classes, all ACE students receive ongoing mentorship and access to exclusive seminars to help them understand the broader meaning of pursuing medicine as a life long career.

Seasoned staff

Our team of highly performing medical students have the insight to help you excel at the aptitude and attitude tests in the UCAT. Our tutors will use their experience in helping you to perfect your approaches to the various subtests of the exam.


Exam focused

One of the most difficult challenges in preparing for the UCAT is performing under the strict time limits set for each subtest. Our specially developed UCAT Exam Simulator gives our students the opportunity to practice thousands of questions in the exact same format as the official exam.


Personalised and comprehensive

Our staff always go above and beyond. The structure of our classes encourage students to identify and highlight their weaknesses. Additionally, we run a number of free seminars for our students to revise and strengthen their abilities.

Over practice questions

Our course structure

understand how to succeed

We strongly advise all students looking to attempt the UCAT to not try and run before they can walk! Our Foundations Term focuses on providing an in depth understanding of the unique thinking approaches needed for each subtest. In these 3.5 hour weekly classes, students develop the theoretical knowledge needed to perform well. At the end of this course, the student will be equipped with all of the skills required to effectively answer questions across each of the 5 subtests.


Practice, practice, practice!

Our Mock Exam Terms allows students to put all of the knowledge learnt in Foundations into practice, learning how to apply these skills under timed conditions. Students will attempt a 2 hour UCAT exam one week, and come to a 3 hour review class the following week. During the review classes, tutors will go through exam answers, revising the concepts taught in previous courses and introducing new valuable information. The 8 week mocks term will consist of 4 mock exams and 4 review classes.

enjoy our new ucat exam simulator


New for 2021, ACE is launching its UCAT simulator – an exact replica of the official UCAT exam experience, built from the ground up to help our students achieve outstanding results!

practicing perfect means perfect practice!

Participate from anywhere in australia

COVID taught us that distance doesn’t need to stand between an aspirational young person and achieving their dreams! With our new online class platform, students can enjoy the full benefits of our UCAT course whether they are in a classroom on campus or on the other side of the country! All of our UCAT terms for 2021 will have regular online class options on the timetable, meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re in Burwood or Bourke – you can join the ACE UCAT program!


Understanding the UCAT Exam

The UCAT comprises of 5 subtests, each presenting a large number of questions to be completed under time pressure.

Subtest details

Assesses the ability to critically evaluate information presented in a written form.

44 questions in 21 minutes.

Assesses the ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information.

29 questions in 31 minutes.

Assesses the ability to critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form.

36 questions in 24 minutes.

Assesses the use of convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from information.

55 questions in 13 minutes.

Measures the capacity to understand real world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them.

69 questions in 26 minutes.

ACE 2021 UCAT pricing

Most popular

Full UCAT Preparation Course

$1,650 inc. GSTThree 8 week terms (ACE Student Pricing)
  • Includes 3 terms of teaching - fully preparing you for your UCAT exam.

    1. Foundations
    2. ACE Mocks Term 1
    3. ACE Mocks Term 2
  • Non-ACE student pricing $1,800 inc. GST

Mock Exam course

$1,100 inc. GSTTwo 8 week terms (ACE Student Pricing)
  • Includes 2 terms of teaching - For those who just want to hone their exam skills.

    1. ACE Mocks Term 1
    2. ACE Mocks Term 2
  • Non-ACE student pricing $1,200 inc. GST

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