You're almost there, so let's get clear on what happens next month!

What's happening?

From those of you still with your heads buried in Mocks to those who’s last UCAT class was back before “social distancing” was part of our every day language, the ACE UCAT team is excited to share a few last pointers with you to set you up for success next month!

To do this, we will be hosting seminars where the ACE UCAT team will run you through a refresher of what to expect when you walk into the UCAT exam center, and also share some of their hottest tips for getting yourself prepared in the weeks and days leading up to your exam.

Who's invited?

This one is just for ACE family, that means you are currently, or have been in the past, enrolled in the ACE UCAT course.

When is it on?

Three seminars will be held – They will all cover the same content, so you can come to whichever one suits your schedule:

    • Sunday the 21st June 10 – 11AM
    • Tuesday the 23rd June 6 – 7PM
    • Thursday the 25th June 6 – 7PM
    • Sunday the 28th June 1:30 – 2:30PM
how do I Sign up?

We will be holding the seminar online and links to the sessions will be send out with your booking confirmation. Please register your interest below to ensure you don’t miss out!