Year 11 TUITION courses

Term one classes for our Accelerated 2021 courses will begin on the 10th of October 2020. With limited spots available, please enquire now to learn more or sign up!

Term one of our regular Year 11 classes will commence when we enter our January term at the beginning of next year.

We offer courses for Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Extension 1 Mathematics, all of which have been written from the ground up for the new HSC syllabus.

Our Year 11 terms are seven weeks long, with weekly classes plus access to a library of in depth digital video lessons.

our class structure

Weekly Classes

Weekly tuition classes at ACE run for 3 hours for Year 11 students, where some of the brightest tutors in the country will coach you through the syllabus material. In each class, tutors will guide students to work through three specific components, Theory, Problem Based Class (PBC), and Tutorial. These three components work together to promote optimal learning.


Theory is where students are taught about a new concepts from the subject syllabus. They are designed to provide in-depth coverage and understanding of all HSC and Preliminary syllabus content.

Problem Based Class

The PBC follows theory, and is where students revise what they have just learnt through attempting a series of exam style questions. Our tutors work through each question with students, helping clarify the theory and focusing on improving exam technique to ensure maximum marks.


During tutorial students move through a series of questions to revise concepts learned in the previous week. Their tutor moves through the class, helping students with any queries. Students are also encouraged to bring in their school assessments and any other work to receive feedback or assistance from their tutor.


Try ACE’s classes - obligation free for 2 weeks!

Tuition is a personal experience and no one classroom is the same! To give students the chance to get to know ACE, see the quality of our resources and meet our teachers, we offer an obligation-free two week trial period when starting a new course.

This trial period is defined as two weeks from the student’s first lesson in the course. If the student chooses to continue, the invoiced fees will include this two week trial period. If the student chooses to discontinue, they will not be charged for these lessons.

Our Refund policy

We do not offer refunds or credit for change of mind or missed classes due to sickness, holiday or dropping the subject/course after the initial trial period or payment for any reason.

In the case of extenuating circumstances, Management may conduct a review and make a decision at our discretion. If a refund or credit is approved, it will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the classes attended at the normal termly price with no discounts applied.

HSC and UCAT Classes Recommence : 9th Jan
Yr 11 and Yr 10 Classes Recommence : 16th Jan

Our campuses are closed for the HolIdays...

...but we're still here to help!

The team will be responding to emails and voice messages throughout the break to ensure you are all ready for classes in January!