Coronavirus update

Key update as at 22nd March:

ACE classes will be moving online from Monday the 23rd of March

ACE has made the decision to move all of its classes onto our new online learning platform – effective Monday the 23rd of March. We believe this decision is in the best interests of our students, staff and the broader community and are excited to welcome students into their new online classrooms!

Importantly, the core offering at ACE will remain the same:

Students will continue to receive the best available study resources
along with the support and guidance of our brilliant and committed teachers.

In order to keep delivering this support to our students during these challenging times, we have created a new online teaching platform which combines:

  • Comprehensive video lessons – Developed in-house by our teachers, these video lessons allow students to fully control their learning – stopping, rewinding and replaying to get clear on every detail.
  • Online resource booklets – We will be posting our weekly resource booklets online for students to review along with their video lessons (In anticipation of a broader scale shutdown of NSW businesses, ACE booklets will not be available for pickup for the time being).
  • “Any time” online discussion boards – A place for students to post questions for their teachers to review each day.
  • Live online classes running daily – After reviewing their lesson videos for each week, students will attend a live online class with their teacher to drill into difficult concepts and review question solutions. As always for ACE, students can attend as many live classes throughout the week as they please!

Students will begin receiving invitations onto the new platform starting from tomorrow, with live online classes starting from Tuesday afternoon and running regularly from Saturday to Thursday each week (aligned closely with the existing ACE timetable). While we expect it will take some time to get familiar with the new platform and adapt your study regime, your tutors will be there to help you every step of the way!

When you receive your invitation, please follow the instructions to gain access to the online video lessons and discussion boards. Further instructions on accessing online booklets and daily classes will be posted up shortly for each course.

During this transition to a new way of operating for ACE and our students, there are bound to be questions about adapting to our new routines. Our doors may need to closed temporarily, but our admin team will continue working remotely in the meantime to respond to all of your emails and voicemails!

We thank each of you for your understanding as we all work through this challenging time for our community and for working with us to maintain a positive and resilient attitude as we continue working hard to support your education!

ACE Management