Introducing ACE’s new HSC Trials Preparation Course

We are excited to announce ACE’s new Trial Preparation Courses for Chemistry and Physics, which will run exclusively for all ACE students through May and June in the lead up to our Exam Program and your own School HSC Trial Exams.

The Trial Preparation Course will be taught through the principle of problem-based learning over 8 weeks. Students will be exposed to a variety of challenging and insightful questions, to encourage active recall and consolidation of knowledge. The theory content from the entire year will be revised through the lens of these instructive questions with tutors spending two weeks each covering Modules 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The course includes a full set of module summary booklets, with each booklet containing an overview of the key theoretical concepts from the module, and a newly developed collection of exam practice questions. These new practice questions are modelled on the emerging trends from NESA of presenting complex questions which test students’ ability to problem solve across multiple concepts and/or modules.

Exam techniques will also be a key focus of each lesson, with your tutor covering these critical skills:

  • Accurately interpreting complex questions
  • Recognising relevant concepts from across the syllabus
  • Planning your answers with consideration for marker expectations
  • Efficiently drafting and structuring your answers
  • Enhancing your ‘Working Scientifically’ skills

Lessons will be an efficient 2.5 hours long, giving those students still completing Module 8 the option to fit these classes in around their existing study.

For those in our Accelerated classes, the Trial Prep. Program will fit neatly in the 8 week gap between the end of your Module 8 classes and the start of the ACE exam program.

While this course is an optional part of the ACE program, we do stress the importance of students thoroughly preparing for their Trial Exams, including revision and practice of content from across the full year. This new course is offered specifically for those ACE students who want support in this necessary preparation and who are looking for a focused and efficient approach to their studies!

The 8 week term will be priced at $760, exclusively for ACE students. Due to the brand new and optional nature of the course, it is not included in the current Yearly payment package.

If you would like to register to participate, please complete the form below and we will contact you in the coming weeks with a detailed class timetable. All ACE students can attend both the Physics and Chemistry courses, regardless of the subjects they study at ACE.

To book your place in the Trial Preparation Course for 2021, please follow this link

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