ACE Economics Seminar – The Federal Budget Review

It’s the favourite time of year for all Year 11 and Year 12 Economics students, and ACE is here to help you understand the intricacies of the Federal Budget! There will be three separate FREE seminars this year:

  • Saturday 15th May 6.30 to 9pm at Parramatta Campus (limited places)
  • Sunday 16th May 6 to 8.30pm at Epping Campus (limited places)
  • Monday 17th May – 6 to 8.30pm Online

The budget is vital to Year 11 students with Topic 6, “Government and the Economy”, centred around the idea of the federal budget. For Year 12 students the budget is even more important with the upcoming Term 3 assessment tasks for most schools being based on some variation of the role fiscal policy plays in influencing economic indicators, a core focus of Topic 4. As such our state ranking Economic tutors will be going through a brief theory of Fiscal Policy, the key policies of the budget, and wrapping up the seminar with some targeted essay advice.

The seminars will be written and brought to you by Sam Prince (2nd in NSW for Economics 2018), Hortin Zeng (6th in NSW for Economics 2019), Catherine Wang (9th in NSW for Economics 2020), Rebekah Kang (99.95 ATAR) and Rohan Sharma (99.75 ATAR). Get in quick before spaces fill up to maximise your Economics marks.

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