The large majority of our staff are studying at or have graduated from NSW’s top achieving Medical Schools. Our three directors are all Doctors who are now making their way through their respective training programs.

Our UMAT Course commences on the 13th of January 2018. (Note that UMAT Theory Stream 1 commences on the 13th of January 2018 and Theory Stream 2 commences on the 27th of January).

There is simply no other tuition college that boasts the wealth of medical experience that Ace does. As a result, our UMAT and Interview programs are truly unique and have insight into the medical world; knowledge that is vital should you want to pursue a career in medicine or as a health professional.

Our UMAT course has two components:

  • An eight week teaching course where the UMAT is broken down into question types and our tutors demonstrate our techniques to tackle each sub-type
  • An eight week Mock Exam course comprising of 4 exams with a corresponding week of exam review

Our Interview program runs yearly and involves a two day teaching course followed by both Multi-station and Single-station Mock Interviews with experienced Interviewers who have successfully gone through similar medical interviews.

Ace also runs regular seminars on Medicine Applications, experiences of our junior medical students and what to expect from life as a junior and trainee doctor.


Early Bird Pricing Available

Full Course

$1250+ GSTPer Term
  • Choose any one of our preliminary courses
  • Normal pricing $1300 + GST

Teaching or Mocks Only

$850 + GSTPer Term
  • Choose any two of our preliminary courses
  • Normal pricing $950 + GST